July, 2012

Why the Aurora, Colorado Shooting was Nearly Impossible to Predict

Have you been wondering why no one knew that James Holmes was going to kill numerous innocent people that night in Aurora? Since the date of the incident, many have come to me and asked questions like, “How could no one know?” and “How could the police let this happen?” I was being interviewed the […]

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Active Shooter: Your Worst Nightmare?

I was having dinner with a friend last week who is an HR Professional. During the meal, I was conducting some market research and trying to get to know my client base better. As we talked about security concerns that make many HR people cringe, I asked her what her absolute worst security fear in […]

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Workplace Violence is a Disaster

The effects of a single incident of workplace violence can be nothing short of a disaster to any business, with small businesses being particularly vulnerable. Although certainly a disaster, major corporations often have the funds to mitigate an incident of workplace violence. Small businesses, however, usually do not have access to a full emergency management […]

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