February, 2013

Travel Security and Surveillance

travel security awareness

Travel Security and Safety Tip: Criminal Surveillance I came across an article today on one of the travel security blogs I monitor and the story is a great illustration of a point that I was making on my recent blog post regarding a travel security warning for the Dominican Republic. The story is about at […]

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The Importance of Travel Security

Executive travel security

Invest in travel security training When we are preparing to travel overseas, one aspect of it that we spend far too little time on is international travel security and travel security training. When we enter a foreign land there are new rules and regulations that need to be followed. In addition, many countries have groups […]

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Travel Security Warning – Dominican Republic

Executive Travel Security

Americans are at travel security risk in the DR There has been a recent rise in the number of travel security incidents and violent crimes against Americans in the Dominican Republic. Most of the travel security incidents have happened in the capital of Santo Domingo. In the last month, 20 US citizens have been robbed at gunpoint […]

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An Executive Protection Company Can Maintain Safety for Its Clients

Executive Protection is for public figures Executive protection is not something that should ever be taken lightly. Those that live in the public eye or are affiliated with a company or organization in the public eye might find themselves in need of professional security. This is because such persons will commonly have to deal with […]

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The Not So Classic Story of a Teacher Being Stalked by a Student

I was sitting with a recent acquaintance the other day who is a college professor and when he found out that I provided workplace stalking management services, he shared a story about how he was stalked by a student. The female stalker would wait outside his classroom several times per week to just stand and […]

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Patience and Discipline as an Executive Protection Agent

For most, the answer is pretty common sense and straight forward…To protect the principal (client). In practice, however, some executive protection agent find it difficult to stay focused on this most basic task. You need to stay focused in order to do your job properly and protect the client. I remember being on one detail […]

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Missing NY Woman’s Body Found in Turkey

Travel Security Awareness I had been following the story of a woman who traveled alone, to Turkey, and went missing for a few days when the news outlets released that her body was found. She was likely a victim of an overseas kidnapping that could have been prevented by some basic travel security awareness measures. […]

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