April, 2013

Hostile Termination Security – Part II

Hostile Termination Security

As a hostile termination security consultant, I had to assume the subject was armed. Finding the pistol box was especially alarming from a hostile termination security point of view. The subject did not have a CCW, nor was he known to own any kind of firearms for recreational purposes. From a hostile termination security point […]

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Hostile Termination Security – Part I

I was brought in as a hostile termination security consultant. The owner of the company was an old friend who used to be in the security business and had recently gone into manufacturing. His company was relatively new and in a very crucial setup stage. They had taken numerous pre-paid orders and, due to the […]

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Enhance Performance Reviews w/ Private Security Services

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How to Enhance Performance Reviews with Private Security Services Human resources professionals having a very difficult job. They need to place metrics to often esoteric attributes of personnel, and these decisions affect a person’s wallet. Unfortunately, many human resources professionals fail to reach out to the resources that are right in front of them, their […]

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