September, 2013

Survive an Active Shooter!

Active Shooter Training

5 Things That Will Help You Survive an Active Shooter Incident Many people are familiar with the run, hide, fight method to survive an active shooter that was created by the Department of Homeland Security. If not, here is a link to a YouTube video made on the subject. If they’ve watched the video and/or […]

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How to Have Foreign Kidnapping Protection That Will Save Your Life!

foreign kidnapping protection

Even Canada doesn’t offer foreign kidnapping protection to it’s citizens According to a recent article on CBC News | Canada, “The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) does not have a standard procedure when it responds to kidnappings, even as the number of foreign kidnappings rises…” The problem isn’t serious enough to offer foreign kidnapping protection […]

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Executive Travel Security Tips: Foreign Hotels

Executive travel security

21 Executive Travel Security Tips for Staying Safe Below is a list of 21 executive travel security “best practices” that can mean the difference between a safe and enjoyable business trip and a catastrophe. Executive travel security in public/common areas Do not discuss your business or travel plans in public areas where they may be […]

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Executive Protection for Business Leaders

Executive Protection Services

Executive Protection Services for Valuable Leadership A modern business leader is far more than a mere name on a letterhead. They are possessed of far more than a mere title. The CEO, CFO, COO, and upper level management of a major business concern are repositories of a tremendous amount of value to their companies, and […]

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