October, 2013

Prevent Workplace Violence with Employee Termination Security

prevent workplace violence

Employee Termination Security is Good Policy As a corporate executive, part of the job is terminating employees. Although unpleasant, you must think of the company’s bottom line and move forward with a new hire if a current employee cannot improve. Everyone responds differently to a termination and violence can break out as it did recently […]

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Corporate Security Minute Vol 2: Firearms Qualification Course

PRMG Firearms Qualification Course Here is a short video of the company training and qualification course. We brought on some new agents and ran the course over the weekend. All Corporate Security Agents Must Pass the Company Firearms Qualification Course in Order to be Armed The basic firearms course was shared with me by a colleague […]

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GPS Cargo Security Devices

With more than $16 Billion in annual cargo theft reported in the United States in 2012 alone, cargo security is a serious problem for businesses that transport merchandise. When a business has up to $3,600,000 worth of inventory(sports shoes of all things, who knew?) in a 40ft cargo container, a single heist can be absolutely […]

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Corporate Security Minute Vol. 1 Active Shooter Survival

How to Survive an Active Shooter Take a look at the first edition of our new video blog series, the Corporate Security Minute – Active Shooter Survival No doubt, one of the hot topics in security today is the active shooter. Recent events have shown us that nearly any workplace is at risk for having […]

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GPS Cargo Security Service

Cargo containers float through the night on trucks winding through the invisible industrial space of the American concrete jungle. Law abiding citizens don’t even notice them, but there are some people who do. Increasingly, cargo security is necessary as normally law abiding citizens turn to low risk thefts to supplement their income. When a business […]

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Employees Can Help Prevent Workplace Violence

preventing workplace violence

Here is a method that is helping employers to prevent workplace violence In today’s world, one thing that has become more and more talked about is workplace safety. It used to be that workplace safety was more or less along the lines of preventing falls and injuries at work, and also preventing illnesses at work. […]

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