December, 2013

4 Types of Workplace Violence

workplace violence

Understanding Workplace Violence For some, the key to preventing workplace violence is understanding. According to a 2004 FBI Report, there are four types of workplace violence: 4 Kinds of Workplace Violence Random acts by criminals This kind of can best be illustrated by the late night convenience store robbery. We’re all familiar with the late […]

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Glamorous Life of a Surveillance Investigator

surveillance investigator

So You Want to Be a Surveillance Investigator? So you’ve seen all the James Bond movies and every episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, and have decided that being a surveillance investigator is the life for you?  You think you have what it takes to lead the glamorous, dangerous, and dead sexy life of a surveillance […]

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Why You Need to Do A Criminal Background Check

employee background check

Your Business Needs to Do a Criminal Background Check Have you ever wondered how certain people got a job? The chauffeur who once earned money as a car thief. The bank teller who once robbed a liquor store. It does not make sense until you look at the fact that not all businesses run a […]

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Executive Protection Lessons Learned

executive protection escort

Hard Lessons Learned in Executive Protection The United States recently mourned the 50th anniversary of the killing of a President and executive protection specialists were also reminded of some hard lessons learned. In the 50 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the U.S. Secret Service took the lessons of that tragedy to […]

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Corporate Security Minute Vol 3: Surveillance Investigation

Surveillance Investigation: Following a Subject For the third volume of the PRMG corporate security minute, I’ve put out some live video from an actual surveillance investigation. The video is of us following a surveillance investigation subject. While rolling the video I make commentary “Cops” style and talk about why we tail people, etc. Surveillance Investigation […]

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