School Labels Kindergarten Girl as Possible Active Shooter / Terrorist

Active Shooter

Little girl is a potential active shooter?

I ran across an article that tells of a little girl, in Kindergarten, who was suspended from school and ordered to have a psychiatric evaluation for making a terrorist threat and being a suspected active shooter.

Of course the article caught my attention. What happened here is that it seems this little girl is truly a dangerous terrorist and active shooter indeed.

Since the death of Osama bin Laden, the United States government has been wondering what truly evil individual will take his place. Well, look wonder no longer….!

A five year old girl in Kindergarten at the Mount Carmel Area Elementary School in Pennsylvania was removed from school and ordered to have a psychiatric evaluation before school officials would consider letting her return.

Who could blame the school? After all, the girl did make a truly depraved “terrorist threat” when she suggested that her and another student play after school by shooting each other…WITH BUBBLES!

active shooter

As if the threat of shooting another student wasn’t enough to land her in the terrorist hall of fame, her weapon of choice was the really¬†diabolical part… a Hello Kitty Automatic Bubble Blower!

Of course, she would also have to go home and get this deadly weapon. She didn’t even have it with her in school!

OMG! How could a kindergartener even suggest such a thing! She clearly has potential to be the next active shooter and perhaps even call the shots in al Qaeda some day.

[Heavy Sarcasm intended above]

REALLY! ARE YOU SERIOUS! This girl is no more a potential active shooter or terrorist than my 65 year old mother.

Here is the link to the original article

All I want to say is, wake up people! If I were in a position of authority over that school, I would immediately call for a formal reprimand of whomever made the decision to suspend that little girl and even suggest that she might be a terrorist or active shooter.

Further, I would see to the little girl’s immediate reinstatement in school and make sure that the administrator who suspended her write a formal apology to the girl and her family.

As a school administrator, you have a duty to protect your students, not victimize little girls because of your own fear.


I understand that things are very trying right now, and that the recent spate of active shooter incidents (particularly Sandy Hook) has left us all with a lot to think about. However, it is a sad day indeed if the land of the free and the home of the brave has taken to demonizing little girls for what should ordinarily not even be considered bad behavior.

All I can say to the teachers and administrators who let this happen is that I feel pity  for the fact that you must live in such a state of fear that you feel it necessary to willfully suspend all logic and common sense by victimizing a little girl and accuse her of being a terrorist and active shooter.

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