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5 Things That Will Help You Survive an Active Shooter Incident

Many people are familiar with the run, hide, fight method to survive an active shooter that was created by the Department of Homeland Security. If not, here is a link to a YouTube video made on the subject.

If they’ve watched the video and/or read about the run, hide, fight method, i’m sure that most people feel confident in their ability to act to survive an active shooter incident. While its good to have watched the video and thought about what you might do if an active shooter incident happens at your office, you may act very differently if a gunman walked into your office.

Its a proven fact that however confident we may feel about ourselves and our ability to think under pressure, anything can happen when people panic and fear for their lives.┬áThere is only one way to give yourself the best chance of acting the way you want to in a panic situation… Training.

Much has been written on the merits of run, hide, and fight, but I’ve seen little on how to actually do it. The video is great and it gives you some good, general information on what to do survive an active shooter incident. But I would like to see everyone do some real training.

With that in mind here are 5 things that can help you survive an active shooter situation:

  • Have a plan to survive an active shooter

I know it sounds obvious. They even say to do it in the video. But have you really made a plan? If you have, great. But I think most people have thought about it over coffee without really forming a plan.

What I mean by forming a plan is to actually plan out and then rehearse how you might run, hide or fight to survive an active shooter.

  • Know where to run to survive an active shooter

Would you know where to run? Again, i’m sure the answer seems obvious while sitting at your desk or while talking with your coworkers in the break room.

Anyone can get easily confused during the panic of an active shooter situation. Figuring out where to run ahead of time and practicing can help you survive an active shooter.

  • Know where to hide while trying to survive an active shooter

I’m sure that I sound like a broken record at this point, but panic can lead to confusion very easily if a gunman walks into your office and starts shooting.

Where is the safest place to hide? The answer to that question should actually be places (plural) to hide in your office.

You should have at least three in mind. Plan them out, know them, rehearse getting to them, train yourself.

  • Know how (and when) to fight when trying to survive an active shooter

survive an active shooter

Knowing when to fight to survive an active shooter is just as important as knowing how. The video mentions improvised weapons, acting aggressively, etc.

All that is very good advice, but when should you fight? If you are in a good hiding place should you come out just to confront the shooter? How would you improvise weapons? What would you use? Would you confront the shooter alone or form a group?

To some who have military training, these answers seem clear. To many civilians, however, fighting an armed man is a scary thought and I advise some basic training on the subject.

  • Don’t try to talk the shooter down

An article was recently post on LinkedIn on one of the forums that I follow about a school teacher who talked a would be school shooter into surrendering. I say Bravo! Great Job! That took guts on the part of the teacher.

While that approach may have worked in that situation, It’s important to note that is an exception and not a course of action I recommend.

If you want to survive an active shooter… Train Yourself to Run, Hide, or Fight Intelligently!

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