3 Ways to Prevent Workplace Violence

The mainstream media would have us believe that it’s impossible to prevent workplace violence, and that incidents happen all the time. While the statistics don’t support that you are very likely to be the victim of an active shooter or that office violence is running rampant, it still pays to be prepared and do everything […]

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3 Things You Need to Know Before Doing An Employee Background Check

Your Employee Background Check May Be Illegal Conducting an employee background check without a release is illegal. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you need signed, written authorization (aka “a release”) to investigate a person’s background for the purpose of making an employment decision which may adversely effect them (such as not hiring […]

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Active Shooter Survival Mindset

Active Shooter Training

What makes our Active Shooter Survival course different? I’m often asked by potential clients, and it may be on your mind too, what makes our active shooter course different from others… The answer is MINDSET! When I sat down to create an active shooter course, I knew that I wanted it to be different. So […]

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Do You Need an Active Shooter Plan?

Why You Need An Active Shooter Plan Colorado Springs, CO; San Bernadino, CA; and a host of others. The active shooters seem to be getting out of control. It seems like it could happen anywhere nowadays? The answer is yes! It can happen anywhere and an active shooter plan might save your life. A client […]

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Baltimore Riots Aftermath: Is Detroit Next?

What If The Baltimore Riots¬†Happened In Detroit? During the week of April 27, 2015, political protests against alleged police brutality rapidly devolved into violent, destructive riots in Baltimore, Maryland; now known as the Baltimore Riots. Similar riots erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, back in summer 2014 after a grand jury failed to indict a white police […]

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Workplace Violence Is A Security Matter

asset protection

New OSHA Guidelines on Workplace Violence In a continuing effort to help protect healthcare and social services workers with a high risk of workplace violence OSHA released new guidelines on Friday. First, there are always things that a person can do to protect themselves and workers should be trained to do so by qualified security […]

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Workplace Violence Policy?

Workplace Violence Policy? Think Again! According to a recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), reminding employees of your workplace violence policy may be an Unfair Labor Practice. A nursing home that posted a memo reminding employees of the company’s workplace violence policy had the act ruled unfair by the NLRB.¬† Following a […]

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