Corporate Security Services

corporate security servicesCorporate Security Services

Security has become a daily necessity to do business. Companies must rely on a variety of Corporate Security Services to protect their assets and provide a safe work place in today’s world.

The beginning of a good corporate security services program consists of being aware of the threats that can impact the company

Taking notice of global and local events, as well as the people around us, Corporate Security Services can protect company assets and manage impact to the bottom line of security issues.

Corporate security services can monitor company assets and personnel day and night; and trouble can be handled in the best way possible.

PRMG Corporate Security Services personnel go through a specialized training program:

  • Detailed information must be verified and updated daily.
  • High-tech equipment is used and constantly being improved continuing education is provided.
  • All agents must meet physical standards and undergo extensive combat training and weapons qualifications to protect clients.

Client protection is our single most important focus and priority, no matter what the situation. Plus, we operate and adapt quickly to client requirements.

In all operations, we take an intelligence led approach. What that means is that every corporate security services operation is a protective intelligence operation. The goals and parameters of the operation are dictated by proactive intelligence gathering focused on threat avoidance and mitigation, instead of surrounding a client’s person or assets with guards and hoping to win through intimidation.

While we still certainly use corporate security services agents to protect our clients and their assets, our approach is far more thoughtful and proactive; as well as low profile.

Our experienced protection operatives can fit into any setting comfortably, allowing our clients to complete their tasks without the worry of personal safety.

We are ever alert, ensuring that danger is avoided, at all costs.

Managers can go about running the business and feel secure that PRMG Corporate Security Services are at work.