Baltimore Riots Aftermath: Is Detroit Next?

What If The Baltimore Riots Happened In Detroit?

During the week of April 27, 2015, political protests against alleged police brutality rapidly devolved into violent, destructive riots in Baltimore, Maryland; now known as the Baltimore Riots.

Similar riots erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, back in summer 2014 after a grand jury failed to indict a white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man.

Could similar events happen now in Detroit, a city scarred by past riots that has also been accused of having an unruly police force today? According to an article by Kareem Adbul-Jabbar on Time.com, the Baltimore Riots are just the beginning.

The Business Losses In Both the Ferguson and Baltimore Riots Were Shocking.Baltimore Riots

In Ferguson and in Baltimore, businesses both large and small suffered major physical and economic losses when aggressive mobs closed off commercial streets, broke into shops, looted merchandise and vandalized property.

For example, in Baltimore, an outlet of the national chain store CVS was set ablaze and destroyed, an independent mom-and-pop pharmacy was raided and demolished, more than 140 vehicles were torched and as a result, two large conventions cancelled their contracts to exhibit in the city. In addition, many economically disadvantaged workers lost pay on each day their employers remained closed for business.

The financial and property losses resulting from both the Ferguson and Baltimore riots were astounding.

Would Your Business Be Ready For “Baltimore Riots”?

Is your Detroit-area business at potential risk from unanticipated street violence, too? An April 27, 2015 shooting of a fugitive from justice inside his own residence on Detroit’s west side is currently under dispute; government agents claim the individual was armed, yet family members counter-claim that a clenched fist was mistaken for a weapon. Public attention to this local event is growing daily, as the large-scale fires from the Baltimore riots continue to smolder and smoke.

Large Detroit companies are particularly vulnerable to possible street violence because they possess large vehicle fleets, vulnerable construction sites, high-value buildings and extensive physical infrastructure, all of which requires round-the-clock protection.

The days of a tall fence and a threatening sign serving as sufficient security for your corporate campus are long over—additional asset protection, plus a proactive corporate security strategy, is a fundamental requirement in this volatile “post-Ferguson” era.

How can you “riot proof” your Detroit business to ensure it can survive a mob event with minimal or no damage? Precision Risk Management Group has the answer for you; our security professionals are available to consult with your executive staff today to help you design an impenetrable corporate security strategy and educate your security team about how to identify and respond to emerging crowd violence like in the Baltimore riots before they get out of control.

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