Corporate Crisis Management

Corporate Crisis Management: A Clear Necessity

After a second outbreak of riots began in Ferguson, Missouri that quickly outpaced those experienced throughout the city in August; the rest of the nation responded in various ways to the grand jury findings that Darren Wilson would not be charged with the murder of teenager Michael Brown. Communities went on high alert. The likelihood of robberies, burglaries, looting binges, and other potentially violent crimes significantly increased. Businesses are especially vulnerable to attack by protesters who are generally angry with all government agencies and corporate establishments. This is the time for effective corporate crisis management to be fully implemented for local businesses throughout the country; especially in locations where charged protests are likely.

Corporate Crisis Management is Being Prepared

Business owners have the right and the obligation to secure their property, inventory, and employees. This process requires that all staff members are keenly aware of their surroundings and have been trained in the appropriate response to specific events. Natural disasters such as storms, tornadoes, blizzards, and other weather events will not incite the same response as a spontaneous fire or armed intruder. Team leaders and individuals in charge of safety training and corporate crisis management programs should implement clear policies, post them prominently throughout the building, and conduct regular practice drills to ensure staff knows how to appropriately respond to a given threat. These redundant procedures must be made a priority for business operations and should be viewed as opportunities to protect staff and property in the event of a real emergency.

corporate crisis management

Security Plays a Vital Role in Corporate Crisis Management

Emergency response teams are unable to promptly respond to every call when widespread emergencies, like those seen in Ferguson, are simultaneously erupting. Corporate security officers may be tasked with the majority of the peacekeeping efforts during riots and other major events. It is vitally important that small business owners and corporate executives retain the services of a qualified security provider that is well versed in corporate crisis management. This specialized training will allow businesses to operate in a state of confidence and competence amid widespread chaos. Well prepared security personnel are able to prevent many violent acts from occurring in the workplace. In addition, they are able to accurately and promptly respond when violence or other unpredictable events do happen to arise. Proactive approaches and qualified security providers can make the difference between lives saved and lives lost in the event of a threatening workplace emergency where corporate crisis management plans are tested.

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