Corporate Security

Corporate Security Minute Vol 2: Firearms Qualification Course

PRMG Firearms Qualification Course Here is a short video of the company training and qualification course. We brought on some new agents and ran the course over the weekend. All Corporate Security Agents Must Pass the Company Firearms Qualification Course in Order to be Armed The basic firearms course was shared with me by a colleague […]

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4 Reasons To Install Security Cameras

Security Cameras are an effective tool to protect your business. In today’s world, an individual or business owner needs to take the necessary steps to protect themselves, their family and their investments. While many opt for a full security system, which is always a good idea, the addition of security cameras can help to record any/all […]

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Many businesses opt for employee termination security

threat management

Employee Termination Security is an Option for Safety In today’s workplace, managers at many businesses are understandably concerned about workplace violence issues when terminating an employee for cause. An option for many companies is to hire employee termination security to mitigate the chance of an employee becoming violent. It seems like every time we turn […]

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Security in Portland

Security Portland

Portland Security Concerns I stepped off the plane in Portland and was immediately reminded that the climate wasn’t much different than Michigan; wet. I was just there a week or so prior performing threat management security for another client. The job was a managed termination, and the client had security concerns over an employee they wanted to […]

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Security Officer Stops Gunman

From the Washington Post: Family Research Council guard shot by gunman in D.C. I’ve linked to the original article above, but I read this story as “Security Officer Stops Gunman”!  Its a clear case of how a professional security officer can make a difference in active shooter incidents. That security officer saved several lives by […]

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Aurora, CO: What would have made a difference?

As I was preparing to write the second post in a series analyzing the shooting in Aurora, CO I learned of another active shooter incident in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. I read about the incident in Wisconsin and I thought it was an excellent chance to illustrate a point. So I ask the question… What would […]

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Hospital Fined $750,000 After Two Boxes of Data Go Missing During Transport

Boston’s South Shore Hospital has agreed to pay $750,000 to settle allegations that it failed to protect personal health information  of more than 800,000 people, mostly patients, after a breach in 2010. “Hospitals and other entities that handle personal and protected health information have an obligation to properly protect this sensitive data, whether it is in paper […]

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Security for Special Events and Corporate Meetings

This is a good article I found. It highlights something that should be a consideration anytime you are planning a corporate event or meeting; security.   From: www.csoonline.com 10 tips for offsite meeting security Keeping attendees safe, and ensuring proprietary information stays out of the public domain must be part of any solid strategy for an […]

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