Are You Prepared for a Summer of Rage?

Summer of Rage

Are You Ready for a “Summer of Rage”?

This “Summer of Rage” is already shaping up to be an intense and challenging time for our nation.  Election year politics along with racial tensions, police shootings, and mass shootings have made for a potentially troubling summer.  Statistically, very few of us will be the victim of a police shooting or a mass shooting. However, we could easily be affected by the second and third-order effects that result.

Rallies, protests, and counter-protests have and will continue to occur as part of the election cycle and in conjunction to social issues.  Regardless of whether you agree with the position of the individuals and groups protesting, the fact remains that, when large groups of people assemble with grievances, the potential for violence and rioting is there.

First a “Summer of Rage”, now a “Day of Rage”?Summer of Rage

A few days ago an internet video circulated calling for a “Day of Rage” in conjunction with protests in over 30 cities nationwide, including three here in Michigan.  First, anyone can create a YouTube video and claim it’s being propagated by a known group;  Second, the true intent of this type of threat could simply be entertainment for the posters (a hoax).  It appears to be almost identical to a similar video threat made in 2014 following the protests in Ferguson, MO.

Thankfully, we will most likely not see a nationally orchestrated day of violent protesting in dozens of cities today across the nation, but it begs the question–What if we did?

This type of threat is not impossible to pull off.  There have already been protests and demonstrations surrounding these issues.  Flash mobs have used social media to perpetrate robberies and crimes before.  Given the level of frustration by some groups and the ability to organize swiftly through social media, emotionally charged protests can be formed.  Typically, fringe elements or outside parties wishing to capitalize on the social disruption, will endeavor to push protests into rioting and looting.

What is your organization’s plan for such a scenario in this “Summer of Rage”?  Would your organization have any warning that such events were being planned, or would it be caught reacting?  Are plans in place to protect personnel and assets should rioting and looting occur?  Does your organization have contingency plans for loss of electrical power, telecommunications, or supply-chain disruptions?

How Do You Prepare for this “Summer of Rage”?

summer of ragePrecision Risk Management Group (PRMG) can monitor known
and potential threats and advise clients on what actions to take to mitigate risk.  Also, our security consultants can help your organization develop contingency plans before a crisis.  If the threat level rises, our security agents can secure locations and assets, provide secure transportation, and extract personnel from volatile and dangerous situations.


Hopefully, the remainder of the summer will not be fueled by rage, but hope is not a plan.  Responsible organizations identify risks and then implement measures to control those risks.  Contact us here at PRMG to help you prepare for the worst while hoping for the best; whatever this summer of rage brings.

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