Patience and Discipline as an Executive Protection Agent

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Patience and Discipline as an Executive Protection Agent

For most, the answer is pretty common sense and straight forward…To protect the principal (client).

In practice, however, some executive protection agent find it difficult to stay
focused on this most basic task. You need to stay focused in order to do your job properly and protect the client.
I remember being on one detail where we spent most days in a secure area waiting for the client, with uniformed security officers outside,  and the detail had gone on for months. Complacency had set in to the point that one of the executive protection agent had decided that it was ok to start taking naps during the day.

Naps during the day led to naps sitting in the passenger seat while transporting the client, which led to short naps whenever the guy wasn’t on his feet or in view of the client.

How focused and able to protect the client was that executive protection agent?

All members of an executive protection agent team need to stay focused on protecting the client.

Executive Protection Agent
Many people who want to be an executive protection agent do so because it carries a stigma of being “cool” or elite.

12+ hours of standing “halls and walls” during an executive protection agent detail, working 20+ hour days, or sitting outside a principal’s office waiting for him or her to be ready to move all tend to ruin that stigma pretty quickly.

They need to embrace the fact that the best assets an executive protection agent can possess have nothing to do with weapons handling, hand to hand combat, or any of that other “cool” stuff.

Although very proud of what we do, those of us who have been an executive protection agent for more than 5 minutes realize that the job is 99% boredom that you need to find a way to stay alert through. You need to stay alert just in case the other 1% happens.

The reality is that being an executive protection agent requires, first and foremost, a good amount of patience and discipline to keep from being distracted. Otherwise, when the 1% happens you will be unprepared and fail your client, and yourself.

Boredom and discomfort are not the only enemies to a disciplined executive protection agent.

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Grady Emmons, MSc, CPP

Grady Emmons has spent his 20-year career actively involved in protective services. His experience covers everything from law enforcement to private sector protection, corporate security and business investigations. In addition to other industry certifications, he holds a Master of Science degree in Law Enforcement Intelligence from Michigan State University and he is Board Certified in Security Management by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

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