GPS Cargo Security Devices

gps cargo trackerWith more than $16 Billion in annual cargo theft reported in the United States in 2012 alone, cargo security is a serious problem for businesses that transport merchandise. When a business has up to $3,600,000 worth of inventory(sports shoes of all things, who knew?) in a 40ft cargo container, a single heist can be absolutely devastating.

Using our GPS Cargo Security Service, your containers and trucks can be secured from inside the container electronically. With this system, not only will you have an up to the minute location of where your cargo is, we also provide a remote locking and unlocking procedure using a double blind system. Our staff doesn’t know who the container belongs to and doesn’t know what is in it. Your staff will be unable to disengage the locking mechanism without calling us for unlocking. We kick it up a notch by setting up electronic fences (GIS GeoFence) that provide “safe zones” that are designated as the only areas in which the container is allowed to be opened.

Aluminum containers and cargo holds can present a significant challenge to telemetry radio signals. PRMG’s devices are specifically configured for these hostile environments to deliver real-time location, status and condition data. They also have enough battery power to last a couple months while traveling with valuable shipments.

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