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Information Security Warning

Information Security Awareness

I caught this article about information security awareness on one of my news feeds today:

Cyberattacks sound alarms as business, lawmakers scramble to bolster defenses

It talks about a raised level of information security awareness by the Government and major corporations due to numerous cyber attacks by Chinese hackers.

I’ve seen many articles like this recently, along with a number of reports stating that new information security awareness measures have been put in place by the Government.

President Obama  recently signed an executive order on cybersecurity that requires a higher level of  information sharing between government agencies and the private sector. The executive order also calls for higher cybersecurity standards and a common framework to protect critical infrastructure.

information security awareness

The executive order is a good first step and should  increase the national level of information security awareness.

Although these first steps are good, information security awareness by corporate America and the Government needs to increase dramatically. It needs to happen right now if we are to have any hope of mitigating the number of cyber attacks by Chinese hackers and other groups.

The US Government and several major corporations have been hacked by Chinese groups for a good 10 years, and they are just now starting to take information security awareness seriously!

Hacking into Government and corporate servers to commit industrial espionage is big business for the Chinese and a number of other groups. Hacking groups break their way in to a network and steal highly valuable data.

The data stolen is often the latest in research and development across a wide range of fields, including defense. The goal is to gain as much strategic advantage as possible, both economic and military.

The United States may lead the world in technological development, but the Chinese are often not far behind as a result of more than a decade of cyber attacks aimed at closing the gap.

Experts have been calling for a higher level of information security awareness for several years.

Although many corporations and some government agencies have responded with very good cyber security, many business and agencies still have little protection from cyber attacks.

If you own or manage a business and want to increase your level of information security awareness, contact PRMG. We provide cybersecurity consulting and assistance.

There is still a long way to go before a realistic comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is in place.

The new policies aimed at increasing information security awareness are a good start.

PRMG – Your Trusted Partner in Information Security.

Grady Emmons, MSc, CPP

Grady Emmons has spent his 20-year career actively involved in protective services. His experience covers everything from law enforcement to private sector protection, corporate security and business investigations. In addition to other industry certifications, he holds a Master of Science degree in Law Enforcement Intelligence from Michigan State University and he is Board Certified in Security Management by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

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