Labor Relations Security

What to Look for In a Labor Strike Security Provider

strike security priorities

If you’re experiencing difficulties with a union and a labor strike is a possibility, then you will need a labor strike security contractor who can protect your personnel and assets, and document any illegal union activity. While many security companies may try to convince you that they are capable of handling a strike or lockout […]

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Strike Security Management and the ILWU lockout in Vancouver, WA

I was recently involved with the strike security management team for what is likely to be one of the most significant strikes of this decade. As it is an ongoing strike security operation for a company that PRMG occasionally contracts with, I’m not at liberty to give very many details. However, I will use what […]

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Strike Security Priorities

Strike Security

How to decide your strike security priorities: If your company has or may become involved in a labor dispute, it pays to know a few things about strike security priorities in the event you are faced with a labor action. A labor strike is considered a full blown crisis for many companies, requiring members of management […]

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