Domestic Violence Stalking

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A Woman Worried About Domestic Violence Stalking Called…

This morning a woman called to ask if we were private investigators. Of course I said that we were and asked what I could do for her. She said that she was calling for her friend who had recently run from a bad relationship and now her former partner was threatening domestic violence stalking.

The guy who she had left said that he was going to hire a private investigator and track her down because she had left him.

I would love to be able to tell you that there is no way for someone to use a PI for domestic violence stalking, but unfortunately I can’t.

Private Investigators Can Be Tricked Into Aiding Domestic Violence Stalking

domestic violence stalking


Most private investigators are well aware that stalkers may call them to help in domestic violence stalking and we’re particularly sensitive to it. First, its obviously completely illegal and unethical for a PI to help someone they know is a stalker. I suppose the world has all kinds of people, including PI’s, but no investigator with a decent bone in his or her body would knowingly aid domestic violence stalking.

Unfortunately, PIs have been tricked into helping a stalker. The stalker will usually lie and spin a tale of BS about why they need to find the person. Tts the duty of the private investigator to see through the BS and identify it for what it is. This involves asking lots of questions and using their PI “spidey sense” (I call it my turd alert) to tell the guy to seek another unwitting accomplice.

Good PIs Will Ask Questions To Avoid Being A Domestic Violence Stalking Accomplice

Its safe to assume that most people who become private investigators have a sense for criminals who might commit domestic violence stalking. Personally, when someone I don’t know calls wanting to find another person I start asking all kinds of questions. I also tell them why I’m asking all of these questions and ask them to prove what they’ve told me.

If I were to strongly suspect that some guy tried to recruit me to help them with domestic violence stalking, I would also let them know that the police are a quick phone call if something happens to the person they are looking for.

I think I’ve actually lost some business that way, but I can also sleep at night knowing that I didn’t aid someone in domestic violence stalking.

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