Problem Solving

Intelligence-led corporate security requires careful forethought and planning. At Precision Risk Management Group (PRMG), we have put in place a rigorous process which helps to define your specific requirements so we can bring the proper resources to bear on your operation.

Our four step process is as follows:


– we identify your needs and define the specific objectives of your engagement.


– we gather and assess the available intelligence to better inform the mission team and create an environment for successful completion of the operation.


– we put together a plan optimized to meet all the necessary objectives efficiently and effectively.


– we put the plan into action, maintaining total focus on the objectives of our clients, and operating with the flexibility to respond to any eventuality.

PRMG’s proprietary protective intelligence and workplace violence assessment programs run subject’s through a specialized set of analysis protocols that identify risk factors for potential threats. Those threats are then managed by the most appropriate means as determined by PRMG’s management and team leaders.

The team at PRMG are tried and tested professionals with many years’ experience in law enforcement, the military and private sector security. We have run operations that range from security management and surveillance, to interview and interrogation, and executive protection. We also bring to bear the latest technological innovations to assist in quickly and efficiently completing operations.

We are proven. And we are ever mindful of our clients’ business risk.