Enhance Performance Reviews w/ Private Security Services

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Enhance Performance Reviews w/ Private Security Services

How to Enhance Performance Reviews with Private Security Services

Human resources professionals having a very difficult job. They need to place metrics to often esoteric attributes of personnel, and these decisions affect a person’s wallet. Unfortunately, many human resources professionals fail to reach out to the resources that are right in front of them, their retained private security service!

A more efficient solutions is integrating your security services to enhance performance reviews.

A private security consultant can help human resources enhance performance reviews by applying risk management and employee screening services to more tasks than just pre-employment. Make sure red flags are clear to management as well as having a clear picture before rating an employee.

Felon trainer denied entry into the country

Example 1: At a previous employer while opening a site, we needed to select some of our best and brightest to go to Bangladesh and train our staff at a new site. A team of 6 individuals was chosen based on performance and availability and sent out. In the middle of the night, I start getting frantic phone calls from our team. One person couldn’t make it through customs due to a felony. How did we miss it? Turns out we didn’t initially, a remote hiring manager had okay-ed the employee for a low level position on hiring. As the hiring was 4 years before, the employee had advanced past clearance per hiring policy, and because the hiring manager was remote, his direct manager wasn’t aware of the criminal background.

Enhance performance reviewsWe can’t expect people to stay the same. If your managers are doing their jobs right, your employees are learning and growing. It is possible that a minor crime on a criminal record can become a major issue as your staff take on more responsibilities. Such issues can be caught and resolved if you enhance performance reviews with periodic employee background screening.

In this case, the individual was immediately terminated as his normal workload involved sensitive clients. In the end, this was a bad end for everyone that could have been easily avoided.

Background check fired the second time around

Example 2: While at the same previous employer, a co-worker took an outside job after giving proper notice. After about 30 days, he decided that the new position was not a good fit and was more comfortable in a job that he fully understood and was comfortable with. Human Resources and his manager both welcomed him back with open arms, pending the outcome of the review process. Just a formality, no one expected any issues. He was denied employment due to a Felony that wasn’t found on his first background check. Turns out a background check wasn’t even done the first time he applied.

Now the employer was in a delicate situation as it hadn’t been enforcing Human Resources policy uniformly and had denied employment based on that policy. The former/prospective employee filed a lawsuit, later dismissed, and everyone left the table with a bitter taste in their mouth. Implementing a background check to enhance performance reviews could have easily caught this problem and avoided the situation.

It just makes sense to enhance performance reviews with employee background screening.

Our comprehensive background check services are available for batch discounts to help expand your insight into the staff you are reviewing.

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