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Munich Shooter Analysis

Analysis of the Munich Shooter This Munich shooter has a profile very reminiscent of a school shooter. Bullied, socially isolated, psychological issues, and withdrawn into a fantasy video game world where he can feel “powerful” to compensate for perceived inadequacies. Another common theme in the Munich shooter profile is that he planned the attack for […]

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“Cease and Desist” is Not Threat Management

threat management

“Cease and Desist” Letters are Not a Threat Management Tool When your corporation receives a threat from a disgruntled former employee engaged in stalking, notices a theft of intellectual property by a competitor or enters into a tense payment conflict with a vendor, there might be an immediate temptation to fire off a sternly worded […]

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Executive Protection Lessons Learned

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Hard Lessons Learned in Executive Protection The United States recently mourned the 50th anniversary of the killing of a President and executive protection specialists were also reminded of some hard lessons learned. In the 50 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the U.S. Secret Service took the lessons of that tragedy to […]

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Prevent Workplace Violence with Employee Termination Security

prevent workplace violence

Employee Termination Security is Good Policy As a corporate executive, part of the job is terminating employees. Although unpleasant, you must think of the company’s bottom line and move forward with a new hire if a current employee cannot improve. Everyone responds differently to a termination and violence can break out as it did recently […]

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Hostile Termination Security – Part I


I was brought in as a hostile termination security consultant. The owner of the company was an old friend who used to be in the security business and had recently gone into manufacturing. His company was relatively new and in a very crucial setup stage. They had taken numerous pre-paid orders and, due to the […]

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Many businesses opt for employee termination security

threat management

Employee Termination Security is an Option for Safety In today’s workplace, managers at many businesses are understandably concerned about workplace violence issues when terminating an employee for cause. An option for many companies is to hire employee termination security to mitigate the chance of an employee becoming violent. It seems like every time we turn […]

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Protective Surveillance

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A few weeks ago, I was called to provide investigative services for a firm that I subcontract with often. What is Protective Surveillance? For this case, the assignment was to perform protective surveillance on a terminated employee for a Fortune 500 company. Many corporations elect to mitigate the possibility of workplace violence by hiring an […]

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