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Workplace Violence Policy?

Workplace Violence Policy? Think Again! According to a recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), reminding employees of your workplace violence policy may be an Unfair Labor Practice. A nursing home that posted a memo reminding employees of the company’s workplace violence policy had the act ruled unfair by the NLRB.  Following a […]

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How Good is Your Business Emergency Planning?

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Corporate Emergency Planning for Civil Unrest The images of businesses in Ferguson, MO with boarded up windows in anticipation of unrest following the grand jury verdict has caused businesses in other cities to reflect on their own emergency planning for civil unrest situations.  Protests and demonstrations turned violent in August and rioting and looting erupted; […]

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What to Look for In a Labor Strike Security Provider

strike security priorities

If you’re experiencing difficulties with a union and a labor strike is a possibility, then you will need a labor strike security contractor who can protect your personnel and assets, and document any illegal union activity. While many security companies may try to convince you that they are capable of handling a strike or lockout […]

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Strike Security Priorities

Strike Security

How to decide your strike security priorities: If your company has or may become involved in a labor dispute, it pays to know a few things about strike security priorities in the event you are faced with a labor action. A labor strike is considered a full blown crisis for many companies, requiring members of management […]

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