Corporate Crisis Management

Corporate Crisis Management: A Clear Necessity After a second outbreak of riots began in Ferguson, Missouri that quickly outpaced those experienced throughout the city in August; the rest of the nation responded in various ways to the grand jury findings that Darren Wilson would not be charged with the murder of teenager Michael Brown. Communities […]

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Employees Can Help Prevent Workplace Violence

preventing workplace violence

Here is a method that is helping employers to prevent workplace violence In today’s world, one thing that has become more and more talked about is workplace safety. It used to be that workplace safety was more or less along the lines of preventing falls and injuries at work, and also preventing illnesses at work. […]

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Survive an Active Shooter!

Active Shooter Training

5 Things That Will Help You Survive an Active Shooter Incident Many people are familiar with the run, hide, fight method to survive an active shooter that was created by the Department of Homeland Security. If not, here is a link to a YouTube video made on the subject. If they’ve watched the video and/or […]

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Executive Protection for Business Leaders

Executive Protection Services

Executive Protection Services for Valuable Leadership A modern business leader is far more than a mere name on a letterhead. They are possessed of far more than a mere title. The CEO, CFO, COO, and upper level management of a major business concern are repositories of a tremendous amount of value to their companies, and […]

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4 Reasons To Install Security Cameras

Security Cameras are an effective tool to protect your business. In today’s world, an individual or business owner needs to take the necessary steps to protect themselves, their family and their investments. While many opt for a full security system, which is always a good idea, the addition of security cameras can help to record any/all […]

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Hostile Termination Security – Part I

I was brought in as a hostile termination security consultant. The owner of the company was an old friend who used to be in the security business and had recently gone into manufacturing. His company was relatively new and in a very crucial setup stage. They had taken numerous pre-paid orders and, due to the […]

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Many businesses opt for employee termination security

threat management

Employee Termination Security is an Option for Safety In today’s workplace, managers at many businesses are understandably concerned about workplace violence issues when terminating an employee for cause. An option for many companies is to hire employee termination security to mitigate the chance of an employee becoming violent. It seems like every time we turn […]

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Protective Surveillance

A few weeks ago, I was called to provide investigative services for a firm that I subcontract with often. What is Protective Surveillance? For this case, the assignment was to perform protective surveillance on a terminated employee for a Fortune 500 company. Many corporations elect to mitigate the possibility of workplace violence by hiring an […]

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