What We Do

PRMG Was Formed With One Central Purpose In Mind: The Protection of Your Personnel and Assets.

We offer a range of services to meet your needs.

Prevent Workplace Violence

A safe workplace is essential to productivity.


Unfortunately, one disgruntled employee committing a violent act can damage morale and the company reputation for years.

Strike Security

The relationship between an employer and organized labor can be complicated and tense.

Unions no longer hold the power they once did. In some cases, this has led to feelings of desperation and the desire to act aggressively.

Theft and Fraud Investigation

Too often, theft and fraud go undetected until they do a significant amount of damage.

Some estimates imply that theft and fraud cost business owners upwards of trillions annually.

Executive / VIP Protection

The world can be a dangerous place for men and women who have worked hard and achieved success

There are those who would threaten you based on that success or the position you hold.

Event Security

The right kind security can be crucial to the success or failure of any event.

When hosting an event your image is important and part of any successful event is making your guests feel secure and welcome

Special Operations

Some situations of a high threat or extremely sensitive nature call for a dynamic type of protection.

War, Civil Unrest, Natural Disasters, and more. Organizations find themselves operating in areas of the world where personnel and assets require a special type of security.

Termination/RIF Security

Whether for cause or for economic reasons, terminating an employee can be dangerous

Disgruntled ex-employees may pose a danger to the company. Bitter about the loss of their jobs and blaming the company, they may assault or harass company officials or other workers.

Uniformed Security

Some situations call for a steady and conspicuous security presence.

Uniformed security officers prevent crime through a recognized deterrent effect. Highly trained and professional agents also take action when appropriate. Keeping a close watch over their area of responsibility.

Secure Transportation

Moving high-value items means high-risk; requiring extra security measures

This type of movement should be done by highly trained agents employing a variety of proven tactics to ensure safe delivery.

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