Employees Can Help Prevent Workplace Violence

preventing workplace violence

Here is a method that is helping employers to prevent workplace violence

In today’s world, one thing that has become more and more talked about is workplace safety. It used to be that workplace safety was more or less along the lines of preventing falls and injuries at work, and also preventing illnesses at work. Today, it still does include all of that but you also have to prevent workplace violence.

Here lately we have seen an increase in violence at the workplace. Because of that, a lot of human resource departments and safety committee members have learned to involve the employees to help prevent workplace violence.

This type of cooperation between management and the employees is an interactive way to prevent workplace violence. Sometimes this even includes games being played at work that involve workplace safety ideas and issues in order to drive employee involvement.

Employee involvement is the key to prevent workplace violence

According to a recent article featured in Security Management, speaking up and ensuring that employees who are struggling get the help they need is critical to prevent workplace violence. The article goes on to state that its important for people to understand “that workplace violence is a process — a way of thinking and behaving that can often be spotted early on”. This is where coworkers can be of great help in recognizing the warning signs that can prevent workplace violence.

Anything that can be done to promote safety and prevent workplace violence is worthwhile. The good thing about setting up interactive workplace safety games and forums is that it boosts employee concern by allowing them  to feel as if they have a voice and help influence decisions in the overall safety of the workplace. There are also huge bonus points in morale whenever employees feel as if they have say in developing plans to help prevent workplace violence.

A good plan can prevent workplace violence and save lives!prevent workplace violence

Coming up with a safety plan in the school in the event something does go wrong is becoming more and more common. Most businesses have safety plans for fire, tornado or other dangerous weather patterns. Likewise, industrial sites have safety plans for hazardous material releases. Why not have a safety plan to help prevent workplace violence; particularly active shooters?

The major concern has shifted from falls and injuries to armed attackers in the workplace. In the event of an active shooter in the workplace, proper planning can save people’s lives. It is much better to have a plan in place and never have to use it, then to have something happen and not have a plan in place at all. Whenever you come up with new plans and practices to create a safe work place everyone is better off in the long run.

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