Workplace Active Shooter Suicide

workplace active shooterUnfortunately and unsurprisingly, there has been another workplace active shooter incident.

This time it was a workplace active shooter.

According to CNN, Arthur Douglas Harmon shot three people in an office building near Phoenix, AZ on Wednesday.

Reading through the stories, it looks like Harmon went in to some type of mediation meeting Wednesday morning and didn’t like the way it was going. So he shot two men and one woman was hit by stray gunfire.

As per usual, the once workplace active shooter committed suicide rather than be held accountable for what he had done.

In this case, the workplace active shooter fled the scene first and then shot himself. The police found his body the next day.

Committing suicide is pretty standard for a workplace active shooter, as most of them don’t plan to live through the incident (suicide by cop) or plan to shoot themselves shortly afterward. They usually feel like their life is over or meaningless and want to make a final “statement” before they die.

The workplace active shooter has come to an overriding feeling of powerlessness and, lacking any sane and rational stress coping mechanism, wants to feel empowered by getting revenge on those he feels has wronged him.

I use “he” and “him” because the workplace active shooter is almost always male (e.g. Jared Loughner, James Holmes, Adam Lanza, etc.). Becoming a workplace active shooter and committing a spectacular act of senseless violence, killing the most innocent among us definitely seems to be a male trait.

Pros and Cons of Workplace Active Shooter Suicide

I was talking with a friend about the incident in Phoenix, and how these workplace active shooter cowards usually end up killing themselves. he stated that he was all for “self-enforced capital punishment”, and these idiots killing themselves rather than waste any more oxygen and become another burden on the criminal justice system.

The operator in me had to wholeheartedly agree, with my only wish being that I could have been there to help the dirt bag workplace active shooter to an early version of his planned outcome before he was able to hurt anyone.

However, the behavioral scientist in me wishes that at least some of these workplace active shooter guys would fail to off themselves and get arrested. That way, the criminal psychologists could get in their heads and find out what’s making them tick.

Just as its often a good idea to capture a terrorist to find out what’s going on in their head, if the police were able to arrest a few of these workplace active shooter types we could lock them in their own special version of active shooter “Gitmo” (Guantanamo Bay) and study them like lab rats.

Maybe if enough of them had their heads examined, we might be able to identify some more common personality traits of a workplace active shooter.

Identification of additional workplace active shooter characteristics might bring us one or two steps closer to identifying behavioral indicators before they become the next Adam Lanza and shoot up a school of innocent children.

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