Terrible Display By Dakota Access Pipeline Security

Dogs!?! Who uses dogs on the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters? Who’s idea was it to use attack dogs on protesters!?! I hope this was the statement coming from the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners Monday morning.I’ve been closely following the security debacle on the Dakota Access Pipeline for weeks. Later, when a colleague called to […]

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Travel Security Case Study – Lochte Up Abroad

A Case for Travel Security When I first heard the reports that members of the US swim team were pulled out of their taxi on 13 AUG and held at gunpoint by guys with badges until the swimmers paid them money I shook my head with knowing disapproval.  An incident such as this is the […]

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Lessons From South Sudan

The Security Situation In South Sudan In December of 2014 I received an email from a client asking for advice for an upcoming medical aid trip his church was planning to South Sudan the following month.  He was concerned because fighting had just broken out a few days earlier and the US embassy had closed.  […]

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Munich Shooter Analysis

Analysis of the Munich Shooter This Munich shooter has a profile very reminiscent of a school shooter. Bullied, socially isolated, psychological issues, and withdrawn into a fantasy video game world where he can feel “powerful” to compensate for perceived inadequacies. Another common theme in the Munich shooter profile is that he planned the attack for […]

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