Active Shooter Survival Training

Active Shooter Survival Training

Do you worry about what would happen if someone came into your office and started shooting?
Learning active shooter survival can make the difference!

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Recent incidents like the cinema shooting in Aurora, Colorado, the attack at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Sandy Hook Elementary, even military bases are becoming more common.

They can happen just about anywhere, and for any reason. They could happen at your place of business.

Would you and your employees know what to do?

With the recent number of shootings, its natural to be concerned and wonder what you and your employees could do.

I’ll be honest, I know the thought of walking through the mall or other public place with my family and having someone start shooting scares the crap out of me; and I consider myself an armed professional. Myself, and most police officers I know, don’t even want to think about being in that situation without a gun.

Active Shooter Survival 101: Run, Hide or Fight!active shooter survival

In response to several active shooter incidents across the country, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) advises people to do three things: Run, Hide, or Fight!

While Run, Hide, and Fight may seem simple enough, it requires training to increase the odds of active shooter survival during an incident.

That’s where our Active Shooter Survival Course comes in. 

We agree with the advice of DHS and our Active Shooter Survival course will take you and your employees to the next level of preparation.

Our personal safety and security experts come in to your workplace and teach you active shooter survival techniques.

The Active Shooter Survival Course is an interactive course in which you, and everyone in your office, are taught what to do if a shooter enters your place of business.

The focus is on teaching your people to evacuate, hide or fight (only when absolutely necessary); in that order.

Your employees and coworkers are encouraged to think through scenarios and taught survival techniques in a controlled setting.

In the Active Shooter Survival course you and your employees will learn:

  • How to Make an Active Shooter Survival Plan – Most workplaces have plans and drills for fire, severe weather, and earthquakes. Every workplace should have an active shooter survival plan as well! We’ll teach you how to make a custom plan specific to the needs of your business.
  • Where to Run – Running away from a shooter is your first and best option, but would you know where to run in a panic? I have seen many people panic and start running, but have no idea where they are going. It sounds crazy, but it happens. We teach where to run and find safety, as well as what you may be running into.
  • Where to Hide – If you cannot run away from the shooter, then you should hide. But where would you hide? Some places make better hiding spots than others. We will teach you the best places to hide and wait for help.
  • How (and When) to Fight – Fighting with a shooter should be an absolute last resort, only when you cannot run or hide. If you had to fight with an armed man that was intent on killing you, how would you do it? As experts in corporate security and self-protection, we teach you how to fight with an active shooter and win!
  • More Survival Skills – On top of running, hiding, and fighting, we will also teach you other survival skills such as, awareness, how to react to the police, what is likely to happen during and after the incident, and more!

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active shooter survivalThis country has learned in the last few years that a shooting incident can happen anytime and anywhere.

Workplaces, military bases, shopping malls, movie theaters, churches, and even schools are all vulnerable.

The active shooter survival skills taught in this course extend well beyond the workplace and can save your life anywhere!

Don’t Be Caught Unprepared!

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