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Is Your Worst Nightmare Hiring the Wrong Person?

Imagine if someone committed a crime in another state and was able to get hired at your company?

What if that same person was also a sex offender and got past an employee background check because it was only state wide?

Most hiring managers I know say that one of their worst fears is hiring someone who gets past their employee background check. The thought of someone they hired stealing from the company or “going postal” absolutely makes them cringe.

Can you imagine the fallout from something like that? Worse yet… What if that person worked for your company for years before you found out?

That kind of thing can and does happen to companies that don’t do employee background checks and businesses that don’t have accurate employee background check services.

Here’s a story from recent events about an employee background check FAIL!

Just Recently James St. James, a 67 year old College Professor from Milliken University located in Decatur, IL past caught up with him, he was exposed by a journalist. At 15 years old it came out that he Murdered his family, Mom, Dad and sister too. He Plead Insanity, spent some time in a mental institution, changed his name and went to work for the university. Once there, he was Promoted to Head of the Psychology Department… Not something you’d usually see on a job application!

How Would You Feel If Your Company Was That University?

As a hiring manager, I’m sure you know that accurate employee background checks are the single most cost-effective method to protect yourself from hiring the wrong person and making your worst nightmare a reality…

Here are a few things you may not know about employee background checks:

  • 14% of employers still don’t run any background checks at all (a lawsuit waiting to happen).
  • Negligent hiring cases have had verdicts of up to $40 million.
  • The average settlement of a negligent hiring lawsuit is nearly $1 million.
  • Employers have lost more than 79% of negligent hiring cases.

Can you picture the negligent hiring lawsuit to come at that university?

What would you do if, in 10 minutes or less, you could easily protect yourself from things like theft, fraud, and workplace violence with a guaranteed accurate employee background check?

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Our Employee Background Check Guarantee: Accurate Information or 2X Your Money Back!*

That’s an offer you won’t get from any other professional investigative firm.

We can make such an outrageous offer for two reasons:

  1. As a licensed professional investigative firm, we have access to information only available to other investigators, law enforcement, and homeland security personnel. That’s a secret that most data providers don’t want you to know. Many of them actually sell you data that is old and inaccurate.
  2. Our proprietary systems operate on the principle of data fusion. Put simply, we take the best and most current information from several places and then “fuse” it all together. That provides the most complete picture of a subject you will find anywhere.

To learn more about our proprietary data fusion systems and the variety of employee background check data that we can provide Click Here.


In our Basic Employee Background Check you get:

Nationwide Criminal Records Check

Nationwide Sex Offender Check

Social Security Number Verification

5 Years Address History

Welcome to PRMG. With over 20 years of combined staff experience protecting clients just like YOU! PRMG is a premier provider of corporate security solutions since 2006 and is a fully licensed and insured Professional Investigative agency in the State of Michigan.

At our regular price of $25 per check, the four points of accurate information in our Basic Employee Background Check will tell you what you need to know to make a confident hiring decision for entry and low-risk positions.

For management, executives, and other “positions of trust” we have a comprehensive employee background check available. We also offer custom employee background check options and special pricing for high volume clients.

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