Corporate Security Audits

Intelligence Led Employee Screening and Background Checks

Intelligence Led Employee Screening and Background Checks

Precision Risk Management Group (PRMG) provides comprehensive corporate security audits, background checks, and employee screening. A proprietary system drives our employee screening background checks for outlying risk factors that are more complex than a simple criminal history check.

In our complicated world, security challenges are growing ever more complex. That is nowhere more evident today than in the corporate world. Many organizations are facing challenges they have never come up against before – challenges that require a more proactive approach to security.

That approach is Intelligence-Led Corporate Security Audit

Intelligence – the information critical to the successful completion of any mission – sets the foundation for everything PRMG does.

From the first conversation with a client about their problem, we begin gathering information relevant to the situation. The more information we gather, the better understanding we have of the issues the client is facing. Information, gathered from multiple sources and then analyzed, is what yields intelligence.

Corporate Security Audit, Employee Screening, and Background Checks are easier now!

We use the intelligence we gather and assess to inform the strategy and define the tactics of each and every engagement. Each client and each mission is unique, so the right intelligence allows us to properly protect our client organizations’ interests.

For example, many protective services firms take a “cookie cutter” approach to nearly all assignments. They are happy to send out security guards who will “lock down” the client location and wait for the subject to show up. At PRMG, we also post our agents at the client location or near the client. However, we consider these agents the last line of defense. If the threat is a person, we immediately compile a full profile on him and assign agents to protective surveillance. One of our mottos is, if we know where he is, we know where he isn’t.

Some firms also take pride in an aggressive approach to security. They provide security guards that are tantamount to “shock troops” and offer a high profile. Our Intelligence led business model allows us to provide our services with discretion. Each solution is created with consideration for the client’s reputation and to avoid causing any unnecessary disturbance to business operations. Our services are always provided with a low profile.

While a high profile approach may have its place, clients who require low profile discretion call PRMG.
Client confidentiality is also fundamental to all our client relationships. Our clients receive attorney-level confidentiality in dealings, backed by Non-Disclosure Agreements that cover every PRMG operative.

We are ever vigilant of our client’s needs and privacy.
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