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Would You Like to Upgrade Your Employee Background Screening?

Employee Background Screening Is the #1 Most Cost-Effective Way For You to Protect Your Company.

A good employee background screening program is excellent protection against workplace violence, theft and fraud, and general employee misconduct. Generally speaking, when you catch an employee stealing, you will not be the first employer that they have stolen from. In fact, according to 2012 Employee Theft Statistics from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners:

  • $50,000,000,000 (yes, that’s billions!) stolen each year from U.S. businesses by employees.
  • 75% of employees have stolen from their employer at least once.

Even with employee theft in the billions of dollars each year, only 69% of employers background check all employees… Not even 2/3!

Watch the video below to find out why it’s a good idea to have an all employee background screening policy.

And it All Could Have Been Prevented With an Employee Background Screening.

Discover the Most Powerful Employee Background Screening System Ever Created.

By applying advanced data fusion technology to employee background screening, PRMG has developed some of the most high tech intelligence collection methods known.

Thanks to ADVANCED DATA FUSION TECHNOLOGY we give you:Employee Background Screening

  • The most updated information available – cross referenced across several systems.
  • Proprietary systems that pull data from numerous sources only available to Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and Professional Investigators.
  • Specially trained analysts that evaluate the information and provide you with the most accurate employee background screening report available.

Due to the power of our systems, I’ve had to reassure the “powers that be” that the information is not available to the general public.

But I have put together a few employee background screening services for clients:

Basic Employee Background Screening Report (Reg. $25):

Great for entry-level and high turnover positions, our basic employee background screening gives you…

  • “50-state peace of mind” with a Nationwide Criminal History Check.
  • Know if an employee has “other issues” with a Nationwide Sex Offender Check.
    • Absolutely Critical for Employees Working Anywhere Near Children.
  • Weed out “Kate’s” with a Social Security Number Trace.
    • The best way to tell if an employee has used different names and/or whole identities.
    • Also a good way to discover those who like to commit Identity Fraud.
  • Catch employees who are lying on their application with an Address History.
    • Unreported places that an employee has lived can mean a lot of things.

A Basic Employee Background Screening Report is A Great Tool to Have When Hiring Entry Level Employees. But For Certain Positions You Want to Dig Deeper Into A Prospective Employee’s Background.

When you are thinking of hiring someone for a “position of trust” such as management, bookkeeping, medical staff, etc. you need to do a much more detailed analysis.

Introducing our comprehensive employee background screening service.

Much more in depth than our basic employee background screening service, it dives deep into your employee’s history to find out if they’re hiding anything.

Comprehensive Employee Background Screening Report (Reg. $500):

Our Comprehensive Employee Background Screening Report offers all of the services of our Basic Report and More…

  • Many hiring managers don’t have the time to check an applicant’s references. Leave your Reference Checks to be performed by our staff of trained investigators.
    • Many people don’t realize that a good reference check is as much about what someone won’t say, as it is about what they say. Our analysts are pretty good at reading between the lines and asking the right questions to get the most out of a reference.
    • We can also often determine if references have been exaggerated or are misrepresented on the application.
  • Verification of Education and Other Academic Credentials can be tedious and you have to know where to look and how to talk to the universities.
  • It’s one thing for someone that you are considering hiring to say they have a license. Let us do a Professional License Verification and History of Complaints and Disciplinary Action to make sure you are getting the full story.
  • Social Media Analysis is one of the best tools of the investigator nowadays. Anyone can “play the game” when they apply for a job and during and interview. But a check of their social media profiles can really tell you who they are when they don’t feel the need to put on a show.
  • Many people get injured on the job accidentally from time to time. It can happen to the best workers and a single claim is now reason to discriminate. If you run Worker’s Compensation History though, some people will come back with a history of on the job accidents.
    • You may even notice that they seem to get a new job and injured all over again once their claim from the last job runs out. A good thing to know before you hire someone.
  • A Driving/MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) Check is important for anyone you may hire for a position where they drive company vehicles and/or clients. But a person’s MVR can also show a pattern of irresponsible behavior (several drunk driving, speeding, reckless driving, etc. for example) and give you an additional thing to consider before hiring them.
  • I can’t count the number of guys i’ve met that claim to be former Special Forces or have some other prestigious military background. Then you find out that they may not have served at all and are claiming an honor they haven’t earned. A Military Discharge Verification can check whether or not they served in the military, what their job (MOS/Rate) was, and their level of discharge.
  • Even in the information age of today people still claim to hold positions they didn’t. They may lie about their time at a place or about holding a particular position all together. With 10 Years of Employment History Verification you’ll know for sure if they have the experience they claim.
  • Civil Court Search of all areas that someone has lived in can tell you whether or not they are “lawsuit happy”. There are some people in this world who make a good living off of suing their employers.
    • Find out before you hire someone and they sue you too!
  • Much like the civil court search above. A Federal Courts Search will list all civil and criminal cases a person has at the federal level.
  • Pre-Employment Credit Report can give you an indication of the level of financial responsibility a person has. This is particularly important if they are being considered for a position where they have access to your money.
    • We all fall on financial hard times and the state of the economy has driven many otherwise good people into financial trouble. But when you get someone who is in and out of bankruptcy with a long history of fiscal irresponsibility it should be a “red flag”.
  • A check of the USA PATRIOT ACT and Terrorist Watch List is required for positions related to national security. Terrorists come from all backgrounds and you can’t be too careful.

Our specially trained corporate intelligence and investigation analysts are experts at finding the “dirt” that your applicant may be hiding. During a Comprehensive Employee Background Screening our analysts spend no less than 10 hours going through your applicant’s history to find you the information you need to make the best decision possible.

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