Executive Protection Services

Executive Protection Services

Executive Protection

Success in the business world comes with many benefits: Wealth, prestige, and a standard of excellence that every businessperson is proud to promote. Any prosperous executive expects the highest degree of professional behavior and guaranteed quality in any service requested. The same must also be expected from executive protection services for your personal protection.

The world can be a dangerous place for those who strive and succeed, filled with others who would threaten you for your money or power.

Having a solid, experienced, and reliable executive protection agent in your employ mitigates those threats.

Executive Protection

Before all else, your protection is top priority, and as with any other service, the discerning executive demands the best. Someone who is capable and efficient, with the skill to safely address any situation that arises.

I would not trust my car to a slipshod mechanic, and I definitely will not trust my welfare to an executive protection agent whose skill and professionalism were not above reproach.

In many situations, the mere presence of a capable individual is enough to prevent most incidents. As such, executive protection services not only serve to create a safe environment, but they also promote peace of mind as well. This leaves you free to focus on the important tasks at the hand, and all of the inherent responsibility that comes with achieving such success.

Someone who strives to be their best in this life should not have to worry about their safety. Unfortunately, the world is not always a safe place. A good businessman knows to look at the facts and accept the benefits and liabilities of any circumstance, so as to better understand how they may be leveraged.

We address your personal safety needs without disrupting your life.

Executive protection is plane to plane with PRMG. A driver will pick you up at the airport and drive you to your accommodations. During this drive a risk mitigation agent will brief you on the city, ask you about any special needs you may have during your stay, and issue you secure electronics for use on your stay. Electronic countermeasure devices scan your person and luggage during this time to ensure that you have no unwanted attention.

It is never wise to take unnecessary risks with your technology. We can provide you with clean electronics for use. These devices are hardened against digital attacks without disrupting your access to your personal information. You have direct single press access to your attending executive protection detail for any needs you may have. Within 2 hours of your risk management agent leaving you, a report will be delivered to your device for you to read at your leisure outlining your previous conversation and detailing any unforeseen risks that we have identified.

Security Operations and Technical Support will remain on call for the duration of your stay to ensure that you have absolute ease of use while executive protection agents remain discrete.