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GPS Cargo Security: Peace of Mind in a Changing World

Those who live in the world of crime can be a creative bunch, which means that the technology behind anti-theft devices needs to be even more inventive. It may be hard to believe, but the theft of huge loads of cargo has become increasingly common in recent years.

The audacity of the thieves is almost astounding: posing as truckers, thieves have been able to abscond with massive shipments of freight. This practice is known as commercial identity theft, and has become increasingly common in recent years. The types of product most commonly targeted in this way have been food and beverage shipments, the value of which can sometimes reach several million dollars.

The Internet has been an invaluable tool in these heists: criminals now have unprecedented access to details about shipment schedules and cargo manifests, effectively helping them to narrow down their list of targets. It may be hard to believe that such a thing would be possible, which makes it all the more imperative that new security measures are introduced.

Stop Thieves with Our GPS Cargo Security Devices!

The good news is that PRMG Security is among the world leaders in technology that can be used to fight this alarming trend. We pride ourselves on being one of the biggest names in GPS cargo security devices, helping companies across the world protect their valuable cargo until it safely reaches its destination.

Our GPS cargo security devices are easily concealed within your trucks and containers, and provide electronic theft protection. Because of its use of the global positioning satellite network, our security system can provide you with highly accurate location data as your shipments make their way to their destinations. Most importantly, they prevent unlocking of the containers by anyone except those with authorization. Even the driver – or people posing as drivers – cannot open the container, no matter what. We use a double blind system during the remote locking and unlocking procedure, which means that both you and your company are provided with absolute anonymity. Even members of our staff don’t know who the given container belongs to, or what sort of product is in the shipment.

That’s not all. Using a technique known as GeoFencing, we’ll work with you to create geographical locations where your cargo is authorized to be, along with zones it cannot cross. Should the worst happen, GeoFencing provides peace of mind and the assurance that even if the cargo is somehow hijacked, it won’t get very far before red flags start going up. You’ll know exactly where your assets are at all times thanks to your GPS cargo security device.

GPS Cargo Security Devices Track Your Assets and Prevent Losses

Going forward, GPS cargo security is going to become more and more important. Would-be criminals seem to show little sign of slowing down their innovation when it comes to cargo theft, so put your trust in PRMG Security for all of your security needs, including GPS cargo security. We’ll put our experience to work for you to prevent any type of cargo theft. We stake our reputation on our ability to prevent cargo theft, which means we’re every bit as invested in your peace of mind as you are.

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