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Information Security Information is the most valuable currency we have in the technological age. Bank account numbers, identification numbers that lead to personal information, or a simple code designation can be catastrophic for the business, when leaked into the wrong hands. Information security is paramount.

As the owner of the firm, it is your responsibility to safeguard this information, and prevent it from being used against you, or your customers. As invaluable as it is, however, this data has no tangible presence. It cannot be hidden by conventional means, or locked in a safety deposit box.

The way society communicates such information has become more complex. It is therefore in the best interests of the company that holds this trust to employ more complex methods of protection called information security.

A very special brand of information security service is necessary to ensure you are protected at all times.

Penetration testing is the act of intentionally hacking into a company’s storage space to test the level of information security. The purpose is to identify and exploit any weaknesses in the company’s network.

The company hires these hacking experts, who then evaluate the security of the firewall, and propose solutions to any problems that arise. This most often occurs virtually, which is convenient for both the information security consultant and the firm.

Hiring a consult virtually eliminates geographic boundaries, allowing the company the ability to choose a consultant from a more competitive pool of information security specialists. What does this mean for you? The ability to receive the best quality at the lowest price.

Hiring an individual to hack into your servers may seem disconcerting, but is it best to accept this as nothing more than quality management. The same way a company conducts product testing before mass manufacture.

Failing to conduct this cautionary analysis could result in catastrophic losses to the company. Genuine threats would use this data to sell to the highest bidder, or leak sensitive documents to a rival firm; both are and act of industrial espionage.

Depending on the information collection, identity fraud would not be uncommon. Should something of this nature occur, the company’s reputation could be irreparably damaged, and the litigation that follows would be astronomically expensive.

In all aspects of business, it pays to be cautious. Never take a risk on something you cannot afford to lose.

Hiring a good information security specialist can make the difference between having secure data and becoming a victim of industrial espionage.

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