Strike Security and Labor Relations Protection

At Precision Risk Management, we are a scalpel in a world of hammers. Understanding how to effectively and efficiently navigate the tense environment of a picket line and your company maintaining operations takes precision. 

Challenges dealing with organized labor can often lead to shaky negotiations and the possibility of a strike or lock out situation. When this happens, It’s best to get an experienced Strike Security provider involved as soon as possible. A strike is not like any other security operation.  Make sure you are considering a strike security provider that is experienced and understands all of the elements surrounding a labor dispute.


During a labor dispute, there are many inherent challenges, from navigating getting your executives and working staff across picket lines and into your facility to expertly gathering counterintelligence on illegal picket activity. Your business needs a team of professionals who understand the intricacies and precision that goes into labor dispute security.

We have been navigating the volatile environment of labor disputes and picket lines for over (number) years. Our strike security management team works alongside your staff to ensure a speedy end to the strike while working to keep your operation running as smoothly as possible.

When your facility shuts down because of a strike, you’ve lost all leverage in negotiations. This is why our investigative specialists are highly trained as uniformed security officers to be able to gather the intelligence needed to increase your case covertly.

Strike Security

Our strike security officers are involved from the day there is a hint of a strike at your business. We are there to guide you down a path to success with a focus on keeping operations up and running without delay.


Security for strikes is a whole other beast than standard security operations and protocols. When you call our team of security specialists to come in and handle your labor dispute security services, you’ll have the protection you deserve.

Strike Security Services

Our cutting-edge strike security staffing and management services are built to handle anything your picket line may throw our way, literally and figuratively. We have security services built for your business at a cost you can afford.

Pre-Strike Services

  • Security Plan development and implementation
  • On-site Training
  • Proprietary Strike Security Officers Training
  • Strike Safety Seminars for Management

Strike Security Services

  • Secure Transportation into your facility for all working staff and executives.
  • Material Delivery to ensure shipments run uninterrupted.
  • Executive Protection Services.
  • Shuttle/Transfer Services for employees that have crossed picket lines.
  • Housing and Food Support Services as needed.
  • Temporary/Replacement Workers to ensure your operations run unencumbered by the strike.
  • Cutting-edge and highly advanced technology and equipment for all communications and protection services provided.

Every team member and specialist that we have is expertly trained in various disciplines to carry out every job with the integrity, accuracy, and precision your organization deserves.


strike security

When it comes to effectively ending your labor dispute, your greatest asset is the information that you’re gathering. Your employees are your greatest asset when working without a strike, but they are your most dangerous liability during any labor dispute. They can derail your entire operation without warning.

This is why we have designed our innovative intelligence services to ensure your team has all the intel they need to protect you from both assets and liabilities. Our specialists are highly skilled and trained to act as undercover security officers that are able to assess and mitigate any and all situations that may arise during a labor dispute.

Labor disputes are a situation when tempers rise, allegations are thrown from both sides of the picket line, and unlawful picketing and criminal activity are ripe to occur. With Precision Risk Management on your side of the line, we’ll deliver you the information and documentation you need to win at the negotiating table or in court.

We protect your facility and human capital by providing revolutionary security analysis and assessments to identify any potential threats, vulnerabilities, and opportunities that an adversarial labor dispute situation may create.

Our specialists utilize the latest, cutting-edge technology, training, and cover operations if necessary to anticipate the other side’s actions before they happen. And we provide you with actionable information every step of the way, so there are no surprises.

When things fall apart at the negotiating table, don’t hesitate to bring in the experts at Precision Risk Management. We protect what’s important to you so you can keep your operations running smoothly.

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Our Strike Security Strategy Improves Union Bargaining Leverage

During a strike, properly documenting unlawful picketing and criminal activity is crucial both at the negotiating table and in the court.

Our experts have the knowledge, skill, and drive to put you and your business first.  They have all the training required to assess and mitigate any and all situations that may arise while you resolve the strike, or any other labor relations issue.

Our strike security specialists will ensure the safety of your facilities and human capital, by analyzing and addressing not only vulnerabilities but opportunities created by an adversarial labor dispute situation. This not only minimizes the cost of replacing damaged assets, and additional litigation. It also helps you preserve your company’s sterling name and reputation through this crisis.

When negotiations decay and tensions run high, do not sabotage your company by leaving it open to vandalism and other dangers. Let our security professionals do their jobs, so that you can keep doing yours.

If You Have a Potential Labor issue On Your Hands, Best Practice Is to Involve a Strike Security Provider Early On In the Process.