Overseas Kidnapping Protection

Overseas KidnappingOverseas Kidnapping

While everyone thinks it is a big joke, overseas kidnapping is very real and it happens all the time. Young women are especially in danger when they go abroad in groups, or even when they are with their families. If you look at our services, you will be best prepared for the trip abroad and you will have protection in case anything goes wrong.

“We always recommend that parents who have daughters and sons, or other loved ones going overseas for spring break, class trip, or just vacation contact us about our overseas kidnapping protection program.”

~ Grady Emmons, MSc, CPP

There are three key portions to the service that is offered.

The first is training that will ensure that you are aware of your new surroundings and how to avoid situations where overseas kidnapping may occur.

All self protection begins with awareness. Before traveling to a country, getting this training can increase your chances of being safe by a lot. You will learn about safe spots, dangerous areas, key signs to spot if something might be wrong, and what to do in case of trouble.

It is also possible to get an overseas kidnapping protection specialist to travel with you. This person will help you stay safe throughout your journey, and they are very good at being invisible. This is especially useful if you are going alone or with just one other person. Our protection specialists can also monitor groups. That way, you will be safe wherever you go and will never have to worry about anything bad happening.

The third part of the service is if something goes wrong and you end up in a hostile area or situation. Sometimes third world countries are great to visit, but they have areas that are dangerous or may involve wars between fractions in the country. If you get caught up in such a situation, the overseas kidnapping protection service will send someone to get you out of there discreetly and without you getting harmed.

We have a number of technological applications that we use to monitor your personal safety while on your trip. We monitor clients all over the world from our monitoring center.

Most people who read this will think that overseas kidnapping protection is unnecessary. But when you look at statistics of how many people are kidnapped abroad, it is incredible how frequently it takes place.

There is no need for this to happen to you or a loved one. Make sure you take precautions when you go and while you are on the trip. This way you will be safe and you will not require assistance when something goes wrong. The best thing to do is take a protection specialist with you. If that is not an option, then training for the country is a must.

Don’t find yourself or your loved ones victims of overseas kidnapping.

Contact us before you travel and find out how we can help.