Reduction in Force

reduction in force

The Economy Forces Many Employers to Make Tough Decisions

Protecting Your Company During a Necessary Reduction In Force.

Due to the current climate of the global economy, a large number of companies and businesses are finding it necessary to make a reduction in force (“RIF”) among their workers.

For several reasons, these companies cannot afford to retain large amounts of their workforce, and layoffs, temporary or permanent, are often the only solution. During a RIF, disgruntled workers may pose a danger to the company. Bitter about the loss of their jobs and blaming the company, they may assault or harass company officials, workers who were not laid off, or even innocent bystanders.

Hiring corporate security during layoffs can help the company avoid lawsuits, injuries, or even death.

Security During a Reduction In Force Protects Personnel and Assets

Another type of reduction in force comes from outside the company. Sometimes, workers become unhappy with their working conditions, or are incited to strike by overzealous unions. During these unfortunate occasions, the company still has work that needs to be done, and as such may hire non-union workers to fill the holes caused by striking workers.

These replacement workers face a lot of anger and distrust from their union counterparts, and often need to be protected from attack. In addition, negotiations to end the strike may turn sour, resulting in dangerous altercations in the workplace.

Should a strike occur, corporate security is absolutely vital in preventing property damage or bodily harm.

A Properly Handled Reduction In Force Mitigates the Associated Risk

In today’s business world, considering the shaky state of the global economy, workforce reductions can occur at any time and for any number of reasons, and they can turn violent. Without corporate security, a company undergoing a reduction in force places itself at unnecessary and completely avoidable risk.

Corporate security ensures the safety of the remaining workers, the executives, and the place of business, for a cost which is certainly much lower than the cost of lawsuits or rebuilding crews.

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