Helping You Manage Security Risk

Helping You Manage Security Risk

Business Today Involves More Risk Than Ever

Doing business in today’s world involves more risk to corporate security than ever. Terrorism, Theft and Fraud, and Workplace Violence are just some of the threats businesses face today. There may come a time when a disgruntled employee may want to exact some form of misguided revenge on you or your employees; your company may become the target of thieves from the inside or outside; issues with organized labor may become a serious threat; or any number of internal and external security threats as a result of doing business today. During these times, having a reliable business partner on hand to help can be your best defense. Your business has many assets that are valuable and essential to business continuity. These assets are both equipment and people which need to be protected. Finding the right corporate security firm to shield your assets from attacks could be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your career.

A Partner to Help You Manage Risk

Instead of being just another vendor you call to solve a problem, we prefer to be thought of as a long term partner who helps you manage security risk and accomplish your goals. We protect your assets and keep your profits where they belong… On the bottom line.

Intelligence-led Approach to Risk Management

Our Intelligence-Led Approach is at the core of how we handle client problems and provide you with the best service. Intelligence-led corporate security and investigations requires careful forethought and planning. We have put in place a rigorous process which helps to define your specific requirements so we can bring the proper resources to bear on your operation. Once resources are in place, they scaled up or down to meet the needs of the situation. We understand the unique needs of our clients and provide all services with three distinct features:

Applied Technology

PRMG uses the most advanced blend of technology and profiling to place our clients into not only safe environments, but productive and efficient opportunities. GPS tracking, scientific profiling, and the latest in surveillance technology are just some of the tools we bring to provide you a solution to your problem.

Responsive and Adaptable

We are a light and fast organization capable of responding quickly and rapidly adapting to the needs of your situation. In most cases, we can deploy agents to start managing your crisis within hours.

Low Profile and Confidential

All projects/missions are handled in the most discrete manner possible, always bearing in mind client exposure and privacy. We offer attorney-level confidentiality for all operations.

We are always happy to provide a free phone or email consultation.  Click on the Contact Us form below or call 1-800-839-7574 and find out how we can help.

PRMG – Your Trusted Partner to Help Manage Security Risk