Risk Management

Precision Risk Management Group is a respected investigative and protective company located in Saginaw, MI. We are a group of individuals who truly believe in maintaining law and security in the Tri-Cities and surrounding communities. Members of our team are security professionals with military and law enforcement backgrounds. Our team has trained intensively to provide professional security services for many categories of clients in the state of Michigan. Our security guards are available day and night 24/7 for all your personal, business, and special event needs.

We have handpicked security officers and diligently trained personnel who ensure the safety of both existing and future clients in the best thinkable way. This interest represents not only benefits but also challenges because much of the work demands unconditional dedication to the given security work. 

Doing business in today’s world involves more risk to corporate security than ever. Terrorism, theft, fraud, and workplace violence are just some of the threats businesses face today. There may come a time when a disgruntled employee may want to exact some form of misguided revenge on you or your employees; your company may become the target of thieves from the inside or outside; issues with organized labor may become a serious threat or any number of internal and external security threats as a result of doing business today. 

During these times, having a reliable business partner on hand to help can be your best defense. Your business has many assets that are valuable and essential to business continuity. These assets are both equipment and people that need to be protected. Finding the right corporate security firm to shield your assets from attacks could be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your career.

A Partner to Help You Manage Risk

Instead of being just another vendor you call to solve a problem, we prefer to be thought of as a long term partner who helps you manage security risk and accomplish your goals. We protect your assets and keep your profits where they belong… On the bottom line.

Intelligence-led Approach to Risk Management

Our Intelligence-Led Approach is at the core of how we handle client problems and provide you with the best service. Intelligence-led corporate security and investigations require careful forethought and planning. We have put in place a rigorous process which helps to define your specific requirements so we can bring the proper resources to bear on your operation. Once resources are in place, they scaled up or down to meet the needs of the situation. We understand the unique needs of our clients and provide all services with three distinct features:

Applied Technology

PRMG uses the most advanced blend of technology and profiling to place our clients into not only safe environments but productive and efficient opportunities. GPS tracking, scientific profiling, and the latest in surveillance technology are just some of the tools we bring to provide you a solution to your problem.

Responsive and Adaptable

We are a light and fast organization capable of responding quickly and rapidly adapting to the needs of your situation. In most cases, we can deploy agents to start managing your crisis within hours.

Low Profile and Confidential

All projects/missions are handled in the most discrete manner possible, always bearing in mind client exposure and privacy. We offer attorney-level confidentiality for all operations.

Our Leaders

Grady Headshot
Grady Emmons, MSc CCP
Spreeman Justin headshot
Justin L. Spreeman, MS, CPS
Operations Manager
Senior (Tier III) Agent

Grady Emmons, MSc CCP

Grady has spent his 25-year career actively involved in protective services. His experience covers everything from law enforcement to private sector protection, security, and investigations.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Saginaw Valley State University, he earned a Master of Science degree in Law Enforcement Intelligence & Analysis from Michigan State University. Grady has continued to expand his security credentials, achieving the Certified Protection Specialist (CPS) qualification with honors from Executive Security International (ESI). Grady has also been awarded the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) credential from the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

Grady has put his training and education into action over the course of his career, conducting missions and organizing investigations across the United States and overseas. He has managed multiple projects in executive protection, investigations, intelligence gathering, surveillance, workplace violence prevention, labor dispute security, and secure transport on high-value assets.

Most recently, he spent 3 years as a background investigator for the federal government. He has conducted all levels of background investigations from military to those requiring White House access. He currently manages all day to day activities of Marijuana Security Operations.

Originally starting as a corporate security firm in 2006, Marijuana Security Operations has entered the cannabis industry to provide top quality security officers, background investigations, security plans, and secure transport services to licensed cannabis and hemp businesses.

Justin L. Spreeman, MS, CPS

Before coming to PRMG in 2014, Justin Spreeman served as an Infantry officer for over seven years at a variety of posts and assignments, including an overseas combat deployment.  Justin led a specially selected unit charged with the protective security detail for the commander of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne.  He has coordinated numerous movements and VIP visits in hostile areas.  Justin also developed the 4th Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division plan to provide Ft. Hood with a 448-member crisis response force, which would respond to various contingencies.

One of Justin’s more recent assignments was serving as Security Manager for an NGO operating in post-Hurricane Matthew Haiti.  Serving as the primary safety and security advisor for area coordinators and the Country Director, Justin coordinated and executed the security plan for convoy operations facilitating WFP/PAM food distributions.  

Additionally, he reviewed, refined, implemented various contingency plans and performed crisis management operations to ensure the safety and accountability of the organization’s personnel and assets at various field locations. Prior to joining the U.S. Army, Justin earned a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Lake Superior State University in 1999 and a Master of Arts in Political Science from Loyola University Chicago in 2004.  

Justin is also a graduate of Executive Security International (ESI) and has completed numerous private sector training schools in areas such as protective/evasive driving, firearms instruction, and is an Emergency Medical Technician.