Security Patrol Services

Properly executed security patrol services create a highly visible crime deterrent. A security officer on patrol in a marked vehicle, checking your property can discourage criminals by causing them to find easier targets.

Good patrol services not only provide a cost-effective alternative to on-site security personnel in many situations, but also provide several other benefits such as:

Enhanced Employee Safety Reduced Risk of Theft and Vandalism
Robbery Suppression Emergency Response


Basic Security Patrol Services

The Precision Risk Management Group (PRMG) Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) offers patrol services with highly trained agents who excel at noticing anything out of the ordinary and preventing problems before they start.

security patrol services

CSU security patrol services deter trespassing, and provide an overall safety and fire watch. They can also serve as stand by for water leaks, power outages, and other special coverage needs.

You can rest easily knowing they have you covered.

CSU security patrol services also provide professional emergency response and rapid law enforcement notification, when needed. For example, CSU agents respond to client alarm calls, determine the nature of the problem, and take appropriate action; contacting 911 only when necessary.

CSU agents also conduct foot patrols, vehicle patrols, lock checks, interior/exterior building checks, and parking lot checks. Also, CSU security officers make random patrol patterns to keep offenders guessing.

Advanced Security Patrol Services

While some clients only require basic security patrol services, you may have additional security needs that the CSU can provide. In that case, as a CSU client you can receive advanced security patrol services such as:

Additional Patrols of Key Locations After-hours Control of Locks and Gates
Cash Escorts Concierge EMS Services (Coming Soon)
Secure Courier Services On-Call Security Personnel


Business or Residential Security Patrol Services

security patrol services

The best, most cost-effective way for clients to benefit from CSU services is to enter into a business or residential association agreement with others in the nearby community.

Referred to as a cooperative security patrol, the service is shared between a number of residences or businesses in close proximity; such as business and home owners associations.  To provide the best possible response time and level of service, PRMG organizes client properties into zones.

Under the cooperative patrol model, the cost is spread across several clients. Clients can then also order advanced services as needed.



Dedicated Patrol Services

PRMG also offers CSU services that are dedicated to one client property, or a tight cluster of properties. This provides the same level of service as the shared patrol, except the CSU is devoted exclusively to that location.

The PRMG Crime Suppression Unit Security Patrol Services is part of the Tactical Security Services suite of client offerings.

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