Conflict Zone Operations

Special Operations Security Division

As the world in which we live grows more complex through globalization, companies are encountering persistent security challenges when attempting to protect their personnel and assets from the risks that unstable social and political climates produce.

In response to this business need, we provide special operations security services. With Security, Rescue, and Evacuation (SRE) teams ready to deploy around the world.

Ever Able Special Operations Security

Special Operations Security
Security, Rescue, and Evacuation (SRE) teams deploy around the world, wherever needed.


A US-based NGO (orphanage) with staff, children and other assets in Haiti had lost all contact with their key staff there after a massive earthquake traumatized the country.


We fielded a team of security specialists and emergency medical personnel to enter Haiti, re-establish communications with the NGO staff there, and assist in the movement of assets and employees to a secure area.


We successfully secured all NGO staff and children at the orphanage. Provided much needed post-earthquake medical treatment. Protected the staff and children from harm by roving gangs. Assisted in salvaging equipment and other assets from the NGO’s earthquake-ravaged headquarters in Port-au-Prince.

special operations securitySpecial Operations Security Is There When You Need Us: Anytime, Anywhere

With experience in special operations security around the world, our global reach ensures that we can fulfill client requirements without compromise and with full confidentiality.

The primary unit of the special operations security division is the Security, Rescue and Evacuation (SRE) team. These teams are comprised of experienced operators from law enforcement, military, and emergency medical/rescue backgrounds.

SRE teams are organized and trained to provide clients with emergency services:

Emergency Management
Life Safety Rescue and Evacuation
Security Extraction
Crisis Response
Deployable Security Personnel
Field Training and Consulting