Medical marijuana dispensary security planning in Michigan

Medical marijuana is becoming more accepted and open to growers and distributors in the State of Michigan, with the local townships passing licenses for more dispensaries to open their doors.

With the expansion of these grow facilities and dispensaries there will be security planning issues to be addressed such as…

  • A grow facility or dispensary security plan is mandated by the State of Michigan.

Don’t risk on a failed application or loosing your license. PRMG expertise in strategizing a security plan for your MMJ building will guarantee not just your licensing but the fact that your dispensary will meet all requirements to stay in operation.

Many facilities are relying on their employee’s to create and strategize a security plan, these individuals do not hold the experience to secure your building or your product.

PRMG trained professionals in safety, monitoring and securing not just your product but also your facility, will have pro-active planning in place to address any potential dangers.


  • MMJ cash and cannabis business theft security dangers.

PRMG recommends not to arm your employee’s at all costs. What if during a theft your employee pulls out a gun and hesitates to shoot..? Or what if that employee misses..? Ending up on being shot.

These are serious questions to consider before letting individuals without experience in the matter to implement facility security plans.

Don’t arm your employee’s its not worth the risk, let them go home and have dinner with their families at the end of the day. Grow and dispensary employee’s are experts in their marijuana fields.

PRMG security professionals are trained individuals on theft and robbery prevention, our goal is to prevent these scenarios from coming to fruition. Anyone with the intention on robbing your facility with PRMG’s presence will have to think long and hard…


  • A good monitoring system will provide security and compliance.

A monitoring system is the core compliance for the State of Michigan.

This system needs to be running 24/7, keep in mind you’re not a  convenience store. If the system goes down the risk is limited, however with a grow facility or dispensary the stakes are much higher!

Extremely important do not cheap out on a monitoring system! Early detection is critical, PRMG has expertise with regulated systems, we understand local requirements and we are vested in the cannabis industry.


  • The advantage of PRMG comprehensive security planning.

When strategizing a marijuana security grow site plan, our veteran security professionals aim to go beyond compliance to keep your employee’s, cash and product safe. 

Our security plans are guaranteed to pass state and municipal approval.

Many of our trained security guards are military trained overseas veterans.

We will provide a facility security assessment report on a regular basis.

Our security implementation will be deployed with room for expansion in mind, you won’t have to rip out implement systems to accommodate your expansion.

We stay on top of regulation in case any state or municipal changes occur regarding marijuana laws, we will be prepared to have them seamlessly implemented into your security planning.


PRMG recommends for you to be proactive and protect your assets with a professional company in the field of marijuana compliance & security!


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