Surveillance Private Investigator

An Introduction to Surveillance Private Investigator Operations

A surveillance private investigator will covertly monitor a subject with the goal of documenting and determining interactions, contacts, and activities. The subject may be a person, business entity, or location. Surveillance can be performed in person or remotely, depending on the situation.

A surveillance private investigator usually uses recording equipment to document evidence and questionable activity. State laws restrict the use of surveillance through audio and video equipment if not performed by a licensed investigator.

If you need information that can be used in legal proceedings, you will need a professional’s help and experience. Precision Risk Management Group (PRMG) provides licensed, experienced surveillance investigators for corporations and individuals.

Methods Used by A Surveillance Private Investigatorsurveillance private investigator

A surveillance private investigator may perform his or her work remotely or in person. Surveillance methods generally fall into the categories of “physical” and “electronic”.

Physical surveillance involves having the subject under physical observation of a trained surveillance private investigator. This type of surveillance may be used in conjunction with various audio and visual recording devices to document the desired activity and back up the investigator’s observations.

Physical surveillance poses the most risk of detection since the surveillance private investigator generally must remain in close proximity to the subject without attracting attention. The investigator can also go “undercover” to get access to the area where the activity is happening, and/or to get close to the subject without them knowing they are under surveillance.

Electronic surveillance involves the use of audio or video recording equipment to monitor a subject’s behavior, data transmissions, and access into certain areas. GPS tracking devices can also be used to document the places a subject travels to and the routes they took.

Camera/video surveillance is a popular tool frequently used both openly and covertly. Surveillance investigators may follow a subject for days, covertly video recording their activities.

Laws governing electronic surveillance vary from state to state, but most require a private investigator license for any type of surveillance. Michigan law permits covert GPS tracking to be legally performed by licensed private investigators; where police officers would require a warrant.

Not all surveillance investigators document unlawful activities. Businesses may hire surveillance investigators to monitor employee computer usage, driving habits in company vehicles, and other activities to promote efficiency and proper usage of company equipment.

Types of Cases Worked by A Surveillance Private Investigator

Corporate surveillance may be performed by company security personnel or by an outside firm and is usually done to protect the business’ interests. This is the type of case PRMG surveillance investigators specialize in.

Employees may be monitored to ensure policies are being followed, conduct is ethical, and the use of company property is legal. Surveillance investigators may also investigate issues with recurrent theft, property vandalism, and worker’s compensation cases. Corporate surveillance may also involve tracking the usage of computers and monitoring security areas.

Domestic surveillance involves either physically or electronically monitoring individuals for personal reasons not related to business. Examples of this type of surveillance include cheating spouse, caretaker, and child custody investigations.

While you may be tempted to use security surveillance in your home, be aware that using the equipment to monitor people without permission, such as to spy on spouses, house cleaners, or nannies, can be illegal. Illegal recordings may be inadmissible as evidence. The professionals at PRMG are qualified to determine what sort of surveillance is best suited for your situation and to provide discreet service.

The professional surveillance investigators at PRMG can help protect your business from fraud, theft, and safety breaches as well as benefit individuals by providing the peace of mind of knowing that the people you employ, such as caretakers, are honest and dependable.