Tactical Security Services

Tactical Security Services

From the streets of America’s most violent cities to overseas conflict zones, PRMG Tactical Security Officers are there; protecting the people and assets of American businesses.

We are a premier provider of security and investigative services to business clients. We provide highly trained uniformed and non-uniformed security agents in response to emergent and ongoing security threats throughout the world. Corporations of all sizes, private entities, and non-profit groups turn to us for their security needs in times of crisis.

Some of the tactical security services we provide:

Every client situation is unique. We provide security officers who are responsive, adaptable, and offer complete confidentiality to any crisis you may be facing.

Tactical Security Officer Recruitment and Training

We take great pride in the quality of service we provide our clients. From the initial recruiting of a prospect employee to final evaluations, we conduct an extensive screening of those applicants that we feel meet our high standards.

Tactical Security Services

Tactical security officers come to the company with experience in law enforcement, military (veterans comprise over 50% of our staff), or corporate-level security.

Once selected, prospect employees move to the background investigation. First, the employee’s full criminal history is checked, as well as sex offender records. Second, Reference checks are also conducted. Finally, drug testing for all new employees is also included.

Additionally, every tactical security agent must also pass a training program. Topics such as use of force, patrol procedures and counter-surveillance make up the program. As well as terrorism awareness, in addition to emergency management, and weapons safety and qualification.