Undercover Investigations

Undercover Investigations and Why You Need Them

Undercover Investigations

For centuries governments and corporations alike have understood the value of having a set of eyes and ears on “the inside.” They know that having accurate and timely information is critical to effective decision making.

Your business and the decisions you make regarding your employees are no different. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to paint an accurate picture of your workforce from the outside looking in.

That’s why undercover investigations are the best solution for gathering information about your workforce.

According to OSHA nearly 2 million workers report being the victim of violence in the workplace each year. The threats range from internal (other employees) to external (customers or other interactions with the public).

Due to the nature of violence your employees may not be willing to speak up about threats or may not even realize the potential problem.

Undercover investigations allow you to get an inside view of what’s going on.

Undercover Investigations Can Expose Insider Threats

The National White Collar Crime Center reports that employee theft accounts for $20 to $90 billion worth of losses annually. Owning a company with valuable intellectual property, employee theft can be catastrophic. Insider threats are motivated by a range of factors from financial gain to revenge.

Knowing what to look for, undercover investigations can identify potential threats, vulnerabilities, and ongoing losses.

Undercover Investigations Reveal What Goes On When You’re Not Looking

Every smart business owner knows the importance of maintaining a safe workplace. Business owners can’t be everywhere and employees are known to be on their best behavior when management is present. You already know the fixed risks to your employees’ health, but do you the know the variable risks like employee conduct on the job?

A trained professional can identify risks such as unsafe work practices or drug use.

You know your product, your competition, and your customers. But, by the nature of being “the boss” it is impossible to have a full understanding of your workforce. This can cost you money, the loss of intellectual property, and maybe even the loss of your business.

If you have a problem and need someone on “the inside” to find out what’s going on, we can help.

Undercover investigations can get you the information you need to make decisions that are in best interest of your company.