Workplace Violence Prevention


The World is Changing. Is your Workplace Prepared?

Workplace violence is an unpleasant reality in the world today. Two million Americans will be victims of some kind of workplace violence this year, with many other cases not reported. No matter your industry, no business is immune from a potential threat. In fact, these kinds of attacks can happen anytime and anywhere. Is your business prepared?

How Serious is the Issue of Workplace Violence?

This type of threat continues to be a high-priority concern for business owners and other stakeholders. The trends for workplace violence indicate that it is a threat that is not going away. And with the prevalence of recent mass shootings occurring all across the country over the recent years, it is more critical than ever to have workplace violence prevention programs in place to protect your employees and staff and other business assets.


Professional Security Guards Deter Workplace Violence

Although there is no foolproof way to prevent workplace violence, your company can take action to help deter these threats. Highly-skilled and trained security personnel can mean the difference between a typical workday and a tragedy. When combined with other workplace violence prevention solutions such as pre-employment screenings, company policies, and trainings, security guards can act as an integral part of your company’s workplace violence prevention programs.

Professional security guards can act as a visible deterrent to workplace violence by discouraging a potential offender from attempting a violent act in their presence. They play a crucial role in identifying potential risk factors or behaviors that may lead to a workplace violence incidence. Guards also keep security front-of-mind for your employees, customers and other visitors to your business. Their physical presence is a visual reminder to your constituents that their safety and security is a priority for your business. An increase in awareness can aid in your overall security efforts.

Precision Risk Management Group is here to protect

Made up of some of the best retired police officers and military personnel, our security services are top-of-the-line and customized to fit your unique business needs. We can support your business with trained security guard services for the following events: 

  • Large-scale layoffs
  • Terminations
  • Press conferences
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Board or shareholder meetings 
  • Company-wide gatherings 

Review duty to legal (OSHA) and moral duty to provide a safe working environment for employees

Employers must, per section 5(a) of the Occupational Safety And Health Act (also known as the General Duty Clause), provide us as employees with a workplace free from recognized hazards likely to cause death or serious physical harm.

WPV stats (infographic)

  • With an average of 700 workers killed while at work each year, and an estimated 572,000 nonfatal crimes occurring annually in the workplace, no industry is free of the possibility of severe workplace violence. This is a concern that should be addressed by companies nationwide.

Review types of WPV

  • Review ASIS Workplace violence guidelines
  • Violence by strangers
  • Violence by customers or clients
  • Violence by coworkers
  • Violence by personal relations

1. Physical Security

A recent study showed that “x%” of offices still don’t have locked doors (find article). Good physical security can help protect you from (types of wpv).

  • Locked doors to internal office
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Panic buttons,
  • Etc, etc. etc.
  • Guard Security Provider

2. Develop and Roll Out a WPV and Bullying Policy

The old school authoritarian style of management through intimidation is no longer acceptable in the workplace.

  1. Have a zero tolerance policy on workplace violence or bullying
  2. Find article saved in Evernote
  3. Bullying can lead to acts of WPV and lawsuits due to OSHA Violations
  4. Infographic on bullying stats
  5. Much bullying is peer to peer

3. Background Checks

  1. Single most cost effective means of WPV prevention

4. Have an Employee Tip Line

  1. An effective employee tip line has to be part of the company culture
  2. Clear management “buy in”.

5. Good HR Policies

  1. Much violence can come from frustration and anger over miscommunication. HR personnel should make sure that people are communicated with well and that things are documented.
  2. Manage Terminations Properly
  3. Investigate all allegations of WPV, however minor – Hiring and firing practices can help protect employees from workplace violence (Article).

6. Be Mindful of Warning Signs

  1. Threat Mitigation Course Stuff

7. Create a workplace violence committee

  1. Matters concerning WPV should be evaluated by committee.
  2. Offers many perspectives and increases an overall feeling of fairness.
  3. WPV and bullying can be ambiguous.

Every business is different, but one thing remains the same: the desire to keep your most valuable assets safe and secure.

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